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miniegg's Journal

The fabulous treehouse harem of lovely mermaids-wi
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Hello to all of you. My name is Estella Flute and look what I made!

This is a new community, mainly for girls, but boys are welcome if they wish to be welcome, and if they are well-mannered.

This is a community for all the lovely high steppin fillies who want to run away and live in a treefort or play pirate or sit around and make crafts out of sequins, twigs, and barbie limbs for fortyfive minutes per week, or for however long they like.

I'm going to marry all of you and we're going to be a famile and you're going to like it very much.

You can post lots of things in this community: photos of yerself, new vocabulary words you've invented, photos of crafts and projects, sex tips, problems you'd like to have solved, photos of people you like, ideas you have recently had, questions you'd like to have answered, introductions, pictures of art you like, shameless plugs, links to neat websites, marriage proposals, grammar corrections...ANYTHING EXCEPT THOSE FUCKING ANNOYING QUIZZES.

If you want me to add any interests to the interests list, please leave aliceflight a message and I'll add it.

Please, nothing homophobic, racist, sexist, etc... I'm sure you all know better.

Make yerselves at home.

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